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    Anita Doseck | Liberty Street Table

    Anita Doseck

    I'm a mom with a passion for good food...

    I believe anyone can learn to make excellent meals at home. My dining room table is the heart of my home and family. I can’t wait to share all I’ve learned about food and family with you.

    Anita Doseck | Liberty Street Table
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      What People Are Saying

      Made with love is the best way to describe Anita’s creations. It isn’t just cooking. It’s an art. Whether it’s a homemade lasagna, tacos or a party dip, every bite is well thought out keeping her friends and family in mind! You will never leave Liberty Street Table feeling unsatisfied! And soon enough you will be craving more!

      You know that warm and fuzzy feeling you get after eating a delicious meal and having great conversation with friends and family? It seems to linger for days and always leaves you craving more? Anita’s cooking does just that. She not only cooks but she creates. Thinking out every step in the process and pouring her love into every bite! 

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